Mr Emeka Nwaeme

By Anthony Awunor 

Proverbs are so central in some societies. In Anioma land for instance, proverbs are routinely used to instruct children, to support arguments, and to warn against ill-considered behaviour. At story time, youngsters not only absorb the inherent morals of the elder’s proverb usage, but are also being prepared to use the proverbs themselves to impart similar lessons to others in the future. In this way, proverbial wisdom is perpetuated across generations. 

A young man from Issele-Uku, in Aniocha North Local Government Area of Delta State, Mr Emeka Nwaeme has been able to archive and preserve this long time proverbial wisdom. Today, his profile in that regard is gradually moving up as he is seen as one of greatest user of proverbs in the land. 

Apparently, Nwaeme, a Public Administration graduate from the University of Lagos, is now one of the foremost Anioma proverbialist and he hardly talks without using proverbs. He has almost all the Anioma proverbs in his fingertips which he uses randomly. He is versatile and well equipped with rich Anioma proverbs which come handy at every point in time. 

No doubt, 56- year old Mr Nwaeme is probably the most famous user of Anioma proverbs as it is today. His proverbs are usually short and contain wisdom, truth, morals, and traditional views in a metaphorical, fixed, and memorizable form. 

But those who know the pedigree of the proverbialist are not usually surprised at his excellent performance because Nwaeme is fully homegrown. Traditionally, he cut his teeth in the use of proverbs at Ogbe Utu quarters, where he lived with his grandmother, who was then the Iyese Omu of Issele-Uku. 

As fate would have it, this grandmother of his was fond of using proverbs to communicate with him and other siblings. Overtime, it became a part of the curious youngman who picked interest gradually and eventually began to flow naturally.

The gentleman has created and made use of so many proverbs, that there is now need to have a book written cataloging his proverb usage. 

Most times, his proverbs delve into issues of Enuani traits, religion, language, marriage/divorce, agriculture womanhood, jurisprudence, food systems, and personal attitudes. 

Recently, Mr Nwaeme was caught performing live during the burial ceremony of the matriarch of the Odika family of Ogbe-Utu village, Issele-Uku and General Overseer of the Church of Faith Bible Ministry, Rev (Dr) Mrs. Victoria Peace Odika. 

At the ceremony, Nwaeme was the cynosure of all eyes as he used different kinds of proverbs as illustration which makes understanding of any subject matter easier.

Watching Nwaeme, one is dazed with the rate and speed, at which he churns out proverbs in a very rapid manner, without thinking about them. This attribute which is unique to him has endeared him to the people, such that he is now sought after in any social gathering to perform.

This rare gentleman was born at Issele Uku and also had his primary education at  Omado Primary School, Issele Uku and Secondary education at the famous St. Pius Xth Grammar School, Onicha-Ugbo (former Oraeze Grammar School).

He is also on social media platforms, including Enuani Tv on TikTok, Peter Nwaeme on Facebook, Enuani Tv on YouTube. 

According to Nwaeme, he is yet to put all these wonderful proverbs in a book form but is open to writing one in the nearest future, while working out ways to commercialise his amazing contents. 

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