Leading ambulance company in Anioma land, Alphacall Ambulance Services Limited has announced a free transportation service for pregnant women who might be in need during labour.

Management of the Company stated this on Friday, assuring that, the ambulance company now offers free transportation for pregnant women from their homes to the hospital whenever any emergency situation arises.

“Alphacall Ambulance Services Limited, now offers free ambulance services to transport interested pregnant women in labour to the hospital”, the firm stated.

The company however, informed that, this kind of free ambulance services would only be extended to people living at Ubulu-Uku community and environs.

In the same vein, the company has also announced the offer of 40% discount for their first 10 customers from Ubulu-Uku community.

Alphacall Ambulance Services is a new company that just opened its ultra modern burial facility in Asaba.

The recently unveiled company located at Elibujor New Layout, 7A Airport community (AKWARED) Asaba, Delta State offers authentic funeral services, swift ambulance rental services, point to point transportation of corpse and unique church service attendants.

In addition, Alphacall Ambulance Services also offers special uniformed band crew, exclusive trumpeters and also solid casket rollers and carriers.

All their services are affordable as the company has created three levels of price range so as to make their services pocket friendly to the poor, middle class and upper class in the society.

For enquiries, the manager can be reached via Tel: 07047855791, 08073015553. email:contact@alphacallambulance.com

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