One of the most painful events that can befall anyone is the death occurrence of loved ones. It doesn’t matter who is involved, be they children, aged, male, female, rich or poor. It is really painful. Such pains are further exercebated when slot gacor gampang menang any form of burial challenges arise.

Aware of some of these challenges and armed with the professional competence, a new company, Alphacall Ambulance Services Limited has made it’s debut in Asaba, Delta State capital.

The recently unveiled company, located at Elibujor New Layout, 7A Airport community (AKWARED) Asaba, Delta State, offers authentic funeral services, swift ambulance rental services, point to point transportation of corpse and unique church service attendants.

In addition, Alphacall Ambulance Services offers special uniformed band crew, exclusive trumpeters and also solid casket rollers and carriers.

But unlike other funeral homes, Alphacall Ambulance Services is not only concerned with the business of the dead exclusively; The firm is equally concious of the living.

According to the General Manager of Alphacall Ambulance Services, Mr Edem Anthony, the scope of the company goes beyond conveying corpses.

Mr Edem said “At Alphacall Ambulance Services Limited we take sick person’s as an ambulance company to the hospital.  We prepare the dead for burial and promote dignity and respect for the  dead. Equally, we aspire to take the burden of the funeral off the shoulders of the deceased family. We assist mourners to face the pain of their loss and freely express their feelings”.

“Also, we aspire to make burial ceremony easy and fun for the mourners in order to relieve emotional stress while showing a lot of compassion as we carry out our performances and obligations”, he added.

Explaining further how efficient their services are, Edem pointed out that their services accommodate all classes of funeral activities, adding that they are unique because the company has a policy that promotes dignity and respect for the dead.

“We are always there for whosoever needs our service whether the poor or the rich. We  guide them through until their loved ones is laid to rest”, Edem assured.

Beyond business, Edem said that Alphacall Ambulance Services aspire to make burial ceremony not just a business transaction but to make it easy and fun for the mourners in order to relieve emotional stress while showing a lot of compassion as the company carries out it’s performances and obligations.

Although, the company is relatively new but from what they have on ground in terms of state-of-the-art equipment coupled with trained professionals that know the job, there is no doubt that Alphacall Ambulance Services is a very serious company that has come to stay.

Besides, the company in it’s wisdom has created three levels of price range so as to make out services pocket friendly to the poor, middle class and upper class of the society.

For enquiries, the manager can be reached via Tel: 07047855791, 08073015553.

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