By Anthony Awunor

Your peers can only beat you in areas where you did not put much interest. So the Ubulu-Uku saying goes.

Chief James Adoh who is now the Ubulu-Uku security chief by his position as the leader of the local Vigilante Unit, was in his photography studio doing his thing, when Ubulu Uku community appointed him to head the Ubulu-Uku Vigilante group many years ago.

Under pressure from Ubulu-Uku sons and daughters to save the security situation, Chief Adoh accepted the offer wholeheartedly. Shortly after that, he began to set up his security team.

It was a first call and responsibility that would lead to a bigger and more complicated assignment and, ultimately, alter the destiny of a well trained photographer who began his career under the tutelage of late Joseph Ogwu, popularly known as Jossy Joe.

Till date, a section of Ubulu-Uku people still feel Jamico should have turned the offer down because of high risks involved. After all, he wasn’t in the unemployment queue at the time. But he took the bull by the horns, just for the love of his community.

From the professional photographer he was for decades, Jamico morphed into a great and popular leader of Vigilante Group, Ubulu-Uku Unit.

Since then, Jamico has walked his talk. He has saved lives and properties and in the process risked his life in many occasions. The role played during the gruesome murder of the community’s monarch, Obi Edward Akaeze Ofulue 111, can never be forgotten easily.

Since the very day the late Obi was kidnapped on January 5, 2016, Jamico kept cracking with his team and was ready to rescue the King by all means.

Though he remained a public figure who helped set up Ubulu Uku security architecture, the Udo born chief never fully enjoyed the full accolades due for somebody who has sacrificed his life for his people.

I have listened to people and sometimes, it has been said that, this great man has not been appreciated enough, when you look at the sensitive work he is doing for the community. It can be vexing.

But did the negative attitude diminish Jamico’s efforts in delivering his mandate as the community security chief? Certainly not.

The gist of the foregoing however is to remind and appreciate the good works of a kinsman who has sacrificed a lot for his people.

It becomes even more important, judging from the fact that today is the chief’s birthday.

All things considered, Jamico has always exhibited the mark of a patriot and somebody who has feelings for his people.

As he celebrates his birthday today, let us appreciate him, in any way we can.

Happy birthday sir!

.. Awunor, a multiple award winning journalist is the publisher of Ubulu Ezemu

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