Looking at Mr Kingsley Awunor, one may be tempted to think that he is less than 40. But in a chat with the Ogbeani Idumu-Udala bone-setter, he disclosed to Ubulu Ezemu that he has been assisting several individuals to work on their broken limbs, either in form of leg, arm, chest, rib, head, ankle etc, for the past 25 years.

His foray into bone-setting health solutions is second to none because as the first son of his father, he inherited the rare knowledge from his forefathers.

Recounting how it all started, Awunor said “I inherited the bone setting knowledge from my forefathers. It is hereditary and as the first son, it just came naturally. My father did it and my grandfather did it also. Even my great grandfather did it as well”.

According to him, he did not learn the trade from anywhere. It came naturally and that is, perhaps, why he is excelling greatly. He is known all over the country and even abroad. The job too, has taken him to all parts of the country where he attends to persons suffering from bone fracture, bruises, dislocation, burns, herpetic whitlow and even elephantiasis. In many cases, he had successfully treated patients with bone issues, who had earlier been rejected in big hospitals.

Although, Awunor has been accused of charging high fees for his excellent jobs, he was quick to debunk it, stressing that no amount of money can buy life or even a limb. He therefore, maintained that fees charged are dependent on the type of job being executed.

“It is not true that I charge exorbitantly. One thing we should understand is that there are some jobs that cost a lot because of the handling. I charge up to N200, 000 or N100, 000 for some jobs. However, some could be as low as N20, 000 or N50, 000 depending on the nature of the job. Some can even be free of charge”.

Explaining further, he added that “some jobs are very critical which some hospitals must have rejected or are even planning to amputate the limbs. When they come, we assist them to fix such limbs without much ado. Would you say that, it is high when I charge N200, 000 to fix such limbs that are supposed to have chopped off? “.

He insisted that no amount is too much to fix limbs, so far the job is done successfully.

Advising his critics on charges, the award-winning bone-setter stated that” people will always talk. We know ourselves very well. There is nothing you do at Ubulu-Ukwu, that they will not talk. However, if I charge N10, 000,you can never come back or even try any other place as your problems would be solved holistically. I have been in the job for 25 years and I charge normally”.

The recipient of the prestigious Ubulu Ezemu Awards informed, that some of the jobs he executed in the past are mostly spiritual while some are mere physical challenges.

He listed numerous individuals, high and mighty which he had helped to solve their bone setting problems.

Mr Kingsley Awunor, from Ubulu-Ukwu can be reached via telephone numbers +234 811 764 3054 and +2347068859707. His locations are Lagos and Ubulu-Uku in Aniocha South LGA of Delta State, Nigeria. His Lagos office is located at No 66 Abiola Adam Street, off Governor Road, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos while his Delta office is located at Ogbeani Idumu Udala quarters, Ubulu-Ukwu.

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