By Anthony Awunor

The Traditional Prime Minister of Ubulu-Uku Kingdom, High Chief Emma Ejiofor has launched a new book.

The book with the title: “My Perspectives on Ubulu-Uku Traditions, Throne & Kingship” was unveiled at Viva Hotel, Ubulu-Uku on the 28th December, 2021.

The launch attracted very important personalities including the media aide to the Presidency, Mrs Lauretta Onochie, Obi of Ubulu Unor, Obi Afamefuna Kikachukwu, amongst other chiefs, traditionalists, community leaders, elders and youths.

Speaking at the launch, Mrs Onochie said that Chief Emma is a man of courage and truthfulness, and that she will continue to support the author.

Onochie explained how she got involved in the Ubulu-Uku Kingship matter.

She said that she will continue to support Ejiofor because he is dealing with the issue of culture and tradition, which are dear to her heart.

She said Ejiofor is one of the men in the country who set out to pursue degrees, including a PhD late and refused to pay for it.

“I have told you privately how proud I am of you. And I am saying it openly that I am extremely proud of you”,Onochie said.

Chief Ejiofor, who was seen receiving visitors thanked all those who were present at the book launch.

The author had earlier stated that he set out to produce the book as a document relating to some developments in Ubulu-Ukwu history and as a modest attempt at bringing to the fore, some relevant information relating to Ubulu-Uku as a community or society founded on certain specific traditions, institutions, and governance process which has survived many centuries.

According to Ejiofor, “the primary aim of writing the book is to correct the misconception in some quarters that the kingship daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya crisis that erupted in Ubulu-Uku a few years ago begins and ends with me”, which to him is a fallacy because he could be the onishe and “never the king” of the kingdom

The book reviewer, Professor E. C. Emordi in his presentation threw more light on the book.

Prof Emordi who is a Fellow of both Historical Society of Nigeria and Wolfson College Cambridge said that, although, Ejiofor is not a historian, but that the fact that he is a traditional title-holder, and grounded in Ubulu-Ukwu traditions, qualifies him, to me, to write this book.

Emordi stated that “thus, convinced on the need to document some of the issues that played out in the kingship crisis, and in so doing, Ejiofor has made a significant contribution to the existing literature on Ubulu-Ukwu”.

“This effort, therefore, should be considered as a concise and reliable guide, or as a quick and refreshing source of reference, which future researchers on Ubulu-Ukwu history would rely on to advance more knowledge on the themes of  My Perspectives on Ubulu-Uku Traditions, Throne & Kingship, just like the place of E.A. Ikemefunah and Obi Anene’s The History of Ubulu-Uku, Ikan Publishers 1982; E.A. Ikemefunah, Some Aspects of Ubulu-Uku Cultural Heritage ( not dated, no publishers); Esther Nwogwonuwe Wright’s The Story of Ubulu Kingdom: A Historical Documentary of the People of Ubulu, Lagos, Sonjas Publishers, 2017; so many which these reviewer has written and published: among others unknown to us”, Emordi added

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