By Anthony Awunor

Elder Kingsley Nwami would certainly not want me to describe him as phenomenal, because of his deep sense of humility.

But that is what God has made out of this meek and amiable personality with a voracious appetite to help and assist people all over the world.

There is hardly a month, one person or the other is not showered with the blessings that flow from Nwami’s humanitarian veins.

As I woke up this morning, it suddenly occurred to me, that today is the birthday of this uncommon personality who has passion for humanity.

You were, and have remained, an awesome man, not only in the family circle but beyond.  I still remember, during my infant days, how you displayed different manners of care in form of providing those little things that children need: sweets, kulikuli, groundnut, poff-poff, cash, gentle smiles and all that. Honestly, I grew up to know you as an amiable fellow with the watery eyes of a child.

Up till today, Elder Nwami, a one-time recipient of prestigious UBULU EZEMU Awards has not changed a bit. This is what I call the power of focus and ultimate care for the society.

Join me today, friends, to wish this personality a well deserved happy birthday and many many happy returns.

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