For a hitch-free, transparent and credible award ceremony scheduled to hold at Viva Hotel, Ubulu Uku on 26th December, 2021, management of Erec Communications Limited, Publishers of UBULU EZEMU has called for nomination of awardees in different categories of the award.

According to a statement issued recently, spelling out the processes, the publishing platform announced that all and sundry are free to nominate personalities to enter the Ubulu Ezemu Awards.

The statement reads further: “When completing your entry, please follow these rules”:

Nominees could be (living or dead) from Ubulu-Uku or an Anioma personality living in any part of the world. Associations, unions, clubs and other groups are part of the contest. All entries are to be sent to on or before midnight of October 31st, 2021.


1, Identify the nominee by name, organisation, address and give your detail.

2, State the categories you are nominating.

3, Support your entries with ongoing activities within the past 12 months from the closing date of these awards.

4, Please ensure your submission fits onto not more than file A4 pages in portrait, PDF format, including supporting materials such as pictures, graphs, testimonials, etc.

5, You can back up your key points with information such as tables, graphics, figures, pictures, etc.

6, You may enter as many categories as relevant, however, each entry must be tailored to meet the category criteria.

7, The entering party does not have to be a resident in Nigeria only; however, the projects, performances that support their entry must have taken place in Nigeria or any part of the world.


1, SPORTS, nominees should be persons who have done well in Ubulu-Uku sports activities or in Anioma generally.

2, MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT, nominee must have done remarkably well in entertainment, music or the likes.

3, CULTURE AND TRADITION, nominee must be a custodian of our culture and tradition.

4, PHILANTHROPY, nominees must be a voracious helper of the people within Ubulu or Anioma communities.

5, HEALTH, nominees must have done a remarkable thing in the health sector at home or abroad.

6 SECURITY, nominee must have impacted positively and greatly in the security aspects of our people.

7, PEACE INITIATIVES, nominees must be an avid peace maker, bring the people together and ensuring peace at all times.

8, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, nominees must have developed the community to a level that it is visible to all.

9, ENTERPRISE, nominees must be hardworking entrepreneurs, no matter how small their businesses are.

10, INNOVATION, nominees must be very innovative and creative. The person must have done a very remarkable thing that is very innovative.

11, EDUCATION, nominees must be an outstanding teacher or an intellectual that is impacting positively to the society academically. The person could be a teacher, lecturer, author, student etc.

12, YOUTH EMPOWERMENT, nominees must have love for the youth and the zeal to assist regularly.

13, HOTEL/HOSPITALITY /TOURISM, nominees must have shown serious concern and dedication to showcase their hotel, recreational centres in good light. Joint owners, bars and restaurants are part of it.

14, AGRICULTURE: Nominees must have impacted positively and must have made unique difference in this category.

15, UBULU AMBASSADOR: Nominees for this category must have painted Ubulu clan in good light in any part of the world. They must come from any of the Ubulu clan, including: Ubulu Uku, Ubulu Okiti, Ubulu Unor, Aniagbala and other communities under Ubulu clan.




19, OTHERS: Nominees entered under none of the above categories could be created and considered by the committee,provided such nominees meet up with the approved criteria.


A 5-man committee has been set up to co-ordinate the process.

Once the entry deadline of October 31, 2021 is reached, all entries will be carefully examined and scored using the criteria approved by the committee. Those who scored high will be selected to go forward to the shortlist for each category which will be posted in our platforms.

You will receive an email from the committee, letting you know if your entry was successful for final voting. The winners will be announced at the Ubulu Ezemu Awards coming up this year in 26th DECEMBER, 2021.

Thank you!

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