By Anthony Awunor

Come May 1, 2021, Ubulu Uku indigenes all over the world will meet on Zoom to discuss issues affecting their community. 

All and sundry, irrespective of location, are expected to register via this link below to be able to log on this very crucial meeting.

The 2-hour meeting is expected to hold at the following time depending on where one lives: WAT (West African Time) 6:00pm; EST (Eastern Standard Time) 1:00pm; PST (Pacific Standard Time) 10:00am; AST (Atlantic Standard Time) 1:00pm; CST (Central Standard Time) 12:00pm and MST (Mountain Standard Time) 11:00am. 

The meeting was put together by the Ubulu-Uku Uku Development Council (UDC), National and the aim is to bring heads together from all corners of the globe, including the home based. 

Personally, such idea is one of the best initiated moves ever, because of the gains inherent in the the meeting. Thanks to Zoom. 

First, it will afford those who have bright ideas to pour out their minds to the people in a very convenient atmosphere. 

It is a no-one-left behind project; which means that bonafide UDU members and non members can have that ample opportunity to join in Link slot deposit dana the Ubulu-Uku conversation. 

There are some personalities who have not visited home in the past 3 decades. This forum will also afford them the privilege to talk about their town in the most earnest way. 

On the other hand, such rapport will afford UDC a very good opportunity to open up to the people their plans, the journey so far and the challenges they are facing.

I am aware that some staunch adherent of community meetings may frown at the Zoom stuff. To them, anybody who loves Ubulu Uku must attend UDU meetings at their various zones physically. 

But a critical analysis of the situation as it is now, shows that, the world we live in, is changing fast and we must catch up with the trend.

Besides, UDU is not coordinated in all parts of the world. For instance, I was in South Africa last year December and I wanted to meet with any official of UDU but was told there is nothing like that. Ghana has no branch, except a group of like-minds who see themselves as Ubulu brothers and sisters. I am also aware that there is nothing like UDU in Belgium. Malaysia, India, Dubai, just to mention a few. Even nearby Lome in Togo has none.

The only places where UDU seems to be flourishing outside Nigeria are USA and UK. I must confess that our folks in these two places are really doing well in terms of community cooperation and development. Kudos to them. 

Having said that, I must at this juncture re-emphasise the importance of this August meeting. I therefore, want to advise everyone from Ubulu-Uku to register and attend this all important community meeting. 

Already, I have registered and I must attend the meeting. I also know a couple well-meaning Ubulu folks who have called in to re-echo the importance of such gathering. 

Even as I am preparing for the meeting, It is also my humble opinion that Ubulu-Uku local dialect should be used extensively, in the course of the deliberations. English could as well be used by those who cannot speak Ubulu-Uku dialect very well. 

My reason for such proposition is that, our Ubulu-Uku dialect stands to serve some very important positive functions during the meeting. No doubt, their use can promote a feeling of group solidarity, trustworthiness, and friendliness.

Meanwhile, feedbacks from the last Zoom meeting held April 3 showed that, even Ubulu-Uku people in diaspora spoke Ubulu-Uku dialect more fluently than the ones at home. Lessons to learn from the display of patriotism by these abroad folks is quite instructive. It simply shows that living abroad or living outside Ubulu-Uku, is not enough to make one forget his or her mother tongue outrightly

As the day rolls, let us strategise and think out ways and how we can move Ubulu-Uku forward with new ideas. I sincerely appreciate the initiators of this very meeting.

Thanks to UDC for this noble innovation.

_____AWUNOR, a multiple award-winning journalist writes from Lagos

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