Ubulu Ezemu publishing platform was founded in March, 2011 by renowned writer and multiple award-winning journalist, Mr Anthony Awunor.

It was established, first in form of an electronic Town Hall Meeting with the aim of elevating grassroot and community reportage as well as provoking development through the use of social media.

Coming at a time the Anioma communities need accurate information dissemination most, following the advent of the new media, Ubulu Ezemu tasked itself with the burden of repositioning information management strategy by offering useful and accurate information dissemination throughout Anioma and beyond.

To achieve this, the platform has equally developed a website: www.ubuluezemu.com, that will serve as a rallying point for the community ecosystem in Anioma and Delta State in general, through the provision of timely and useful information.

While the website serves as a platform to elevate grassroot and community reportage, the award, which is the only indigenous accolade, for now, provides a good platform to identify and honour indigenes, associations, and groups that have done very well in the society

The launch which encompasses unveiling of the website to the public, is coming, after 9 years of robust grassroot reportage which cut across community development, education, entertainment, sports, culture and tradition, business, security etc.

Today, Ubulu Ezemu is the leading community online platform in the country while it is hoped that the launch and upgrade of the platform will enable it serve the public better.

It is however, published and printed by Erec Communications Limited (RC 1695474).

The publisher is a trained journalist with multiple awards to his kitty. Beyond journalism, he is also versed in African traditions and culture, having trained in that field, at the University of Lagos, in Nigeria.

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